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P.J. LADD'S WONDERFUL HORRIBLE COMMUNITY's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[31 Jan 2005|04:33pm]

Pk owns
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[12 Jan 2005|10:01pm]

Check it out man.
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[10 Jan 2005|09:19pm]

Whats up guys.

Listen I hope you don't mind if I join this community. I'm a huge fan of P.J.; all of his shit is sick as hell. I'm also a really avid skater so, once again, I hope none of you guys (or girls) mind.

By the way, has anyone heard about P.J. making the switch to Girl?
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LONG TIME NO SEE [23 Dec 2004|01:29pm]

Anyway PJ Ladd is filming for several things but his new film "The king of freestyle's Boston Massacre" is out. This was origionally suppossed to be called Pj Ladd's chainsaw massacre, a sequal to Pj Ladd's wonderful Horrible Life, but they changed it about a month before it was released everyone phat is stll in it wth others, I think it's the best skate video ever, but it's hard to find online lke to download. which is annoying. Just  buy it. It's already nearly the best seeling skate vdeo of all tme, beating out HEAVY HITTERS lke Girl - Yeah Right and flip - really sorry. Hard to believe. Pj Kills in it and that's what matters.
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[22 Dec 2004|05:20pm]

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[20 Nov 2004|06:03pm]
I love pj, but does anyone on this thing even have flow for any company? I dont want to be the only one.
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P.J. LADD! [06 Oct 2004|01:13pm]


Yeah, P.J. won eric koston's game of skate and took home $10,000. 64 pros entered and PJ iced everyone of 'em.

His new video P.J. Ladd's Chainsaw massacre is comming out NOV. 1st...


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one fine day by Ben laird [05 Sep 2004|09:58pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Does everyone agree that we live in a very primitive time? I wonder why it excites us to roll around on wood and click off the ground and jump stuff. And why is it so satisfying to land on a deck after it spins?

ONE FINE DAY MANY minutes AGO, A YOUNG MAN WALKED INTO A SKATESHOP. He purchased a BRAND NEW Beautiful Darkstar deck for $69.99 canadian and was so happy...He ran home like that kid off charlie and the chocolate factory...like charlie. But anyways...two days of fun and then he kickflipped down a curb and it snapped instanteaneously into two diffierent pieces! Isn't that special?!?!?!!!!!1111oneoneone

And that's the MAGICAL tale of how  sucks my ass.

If I ever see P.J. Ladd skating Darkstar I'm gonna be pissed.

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[24 Aug 2004|03:21pm]

p.j ladd is really cool. his 360 flips are awesome
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Yeah Scuba! [23 Aug 2004|03:52pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello, my name's David and I jock PJ Ladd.

i'm not so photogenic...Collapse )

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P.J. LADD NEWS~ [23 Aug 2004|01:28pm]


I just found out from an article that P.J. Ladd is gonna be in the next tony hawk game, Tony Hawk's Underground 2.

Isn't that fucked up?

Oh Yeah and P.J. Ladd is making another video with coliseum skate that's gonna be out in November. It's honestly gonna be called "P.J. Ladd's Chainsaw Massacre". I can't wait, I'm gonna buy it the day it comes out!

Switch Kickflip^           P.J.'s got everything switch...

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really sorry [16 Aug 2004|09:46pm]


You know it's funny in P.J.'s part in really sorry he never does his famous 360 kickflip...not 360flip, I mean like he goes 360 and the deck goes with him...with a kickflip's spin.

That's such a fly trick, I'm pissed they didn't include that.

P.J. Ladd thinks it's stupid that on the cover cartoon for Really Sorry he's hiding behind the couch. He's also shown hiding on all the art of his decks. I read on his interview on the ES site; It is stupid how someone's trying to promote him as a sheltered recluse,he says, he's not. Although most of his time b4 he got big was usually alone skating his backyard for sessions sometimes 12 hours long, everyday!

Isn't that fucked up??!?

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[17 Oct 2004|05:08pm]


What exactly is the point of this community anyways?


PS: PJ is a fuckin' hottie.
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This community's kinda dead... [09 Aug 2004|01:49am]


I hope more people vsit this community.

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[27 Jul 2004|06:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

okay hey well i think p.j ladd is the best. i am 15 and my name is monica. i havent seen the "really sorry" video by flip but i've seen pictures and he is awesome!!

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Hey [28 Jul 2004|12:25pm]

Hey im new here and all i got to say is i love p.j. and flip and es. Oh yeah im cody and im 14.
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Yippee. [26 Jul 2004|09:01pm]

This is a P/J/LADD exclusive comunity, even if it doesn't take off and no one likes it owel...it should be out there because there isn't one! Plus P/J can 360 KICKFLIP!
text="explosive technical street skater"> P.J. Ladd skates for es and Flip.
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